I couldn’t thank the coaches enough for what they do day in and day out. The other athletes are so so supportive and I love the community.
— Jane (Zed)
Jane Z.jpg

The coaches, the community and the workouts .. I love it all!
— Ieva. M

Having weekly check in’s and having the facebook page where people
offer their advice from experience and encourage you is great.
— Dave. M

I can not believe that at 37 years old i am getting stronger, breaking PB’s and my body shape has changed all for the better. My aim is to be able to reach peak fitness and with individual programming I know I will achieve it.
— Sarah. C

In my 40’s I’ve gained more strength and fitness than I had in my 30’s. I look forward to continuing that progress for years to come.
— Russ. A

Since joining I’ve competed in several Masters fitness competitions which I never would have thought of a few years back. Thanks to the coaches and members around me I plan to continue competing and getting better each time.
— Kathy. T

I’ve put on muscle, lost fat and gained strength thanks to these guys! This is the first time I’ve had a proper workout and nutrition plan to follow and am really enjoying the process (not just the results).
— Jamie. M

I joined last year so I could improve my fitness for surfing and now am fitter than I have ever been. Easily the best coaches/gym I’ve ever been a part of.
— Wayne. R