Jane Z.jpg
OPEX has developed me not only physically but also mentally. I’ve always been driven by emotions when it comes to eating habits and training. OPEX has helped me become consistent in my nutrition, training and daily habits. The only time I’ve managed to stay consistent and enjoy my life. I’ve progressed in the past, but never as consistently as I have done under the supervision of the coaches and tailored plans made to my needs. They ensure to keep it fun and different each session so you don’t fall back into bad habits. The coaches are intuitive and help you realise your true goals in life.
— Jane (Zed)

Mark. B
Opex Gatwick will give you much more than fitness and nutrition advice, they will give you complete life advice and help you incorporate good fitness and food practices into your lifestyle. They won’t just help you with lifting more weight or running a quicker 5k but will help with getting better sleep or becoming more productive at work. The coaches share the knowledge they have gained to help you live a better life, to help you achieve your goals specific to you.
— Mark. B

The coaches, the community and the workouts .. I love it all!
— Ieva. M
Dave. M
Having weekly check in’s and having the facebook page where people
offer their advice from experience and encourage you is great.
— Dave. M

I can not believe that at 37 years old i am getting stronger, breaking PB’s and my body shape has changed all for the better. My aim is to be able to reach peak fitness and with individual programming I know I will achieve it.
— Sarah. C
In my 40’s I’ve gained more strength and fitness than I had in my 30’s. I look forward to continuing that progress for years to come.
— Russ. A

Since joining I’ve competed in several Masters fitness competitions which I never would have thought of a few years back. Thanks to the coaches and members around me I plan to continue competing and getting better each time.
— Kathy. T
I’ve put on muscle, lost fat and gained strength thanks to these guys! This is the first time I’ve had a proper workout and nutrition plan to follow and am really enjoying the process (not just the results).
— Jamie. M

I joined last year so I could improve my fitness for surfing and now am fitter than I have ever been. Easily the best coaches/gym I’ve ever been a part of.
— Wayne. R