Personal Training in Crawley

We are OPEX Gatwick, the future of personal training

We help people achieve and maintain their fitness long-term, through individualised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plans, led by supportive and knowledgeable personal trainers, in a non-intimidating community environment.

We are the evolution of personal training, we offer a more comprehensive and cost effective solution than the traditional personal training model. Our belief is that the support and guidance of a professional coach is the key to success in your long term growth and fulfilment in your health and fitness.

We help people move better, move more, and perform to their highest potential. We believe that exercise should be enjoyable, your diet should be about nourishment and life should be lived to its absolute fullest! We don't follow fads, we are passionate about understand what actually works, helping you remove the noise and gain clarity about how best to achieve your goals and feel great every step of the way.

What are your Goals?

No matter what your goal is, we can help you achieve it.

Client curling dumbbell in the gym whilst smiling

Body composition

Many people come to us looking to lose fat, or build muscle. Whatever your goal here, we can help by working with you 1-2-1 to provide the perfect recipe for success! We specialise in helping people not only achieve their desired body composition, but stay there long term!

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Pat squatting to a box whilst in a personal training session

Improving your health

Improving everyone's health in our gym is at the forefront of our mission to create happy, healthy and resilient humans. We are experts in optimising your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to become the healthiest version of you there is!

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Ali running on a treadmill during his personal training session

Competing in sport

Competition in any kind of sport whether it is a Spartan Race, CrossFit Competition field, racket or water sport requires specific training along with nutrition and recovery practices. We love geeking out on the demands of your sport and figuring out exactly what you need to optimise your performance!

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Why are we the future of personal training?

We believe that you can't group train an individual. We also believe that watching you work out for an hour each week is a waste of your money. So we changed the model...

A classic personal trainer training a client

The broken personal training model

The current model of working with a personal trainer means that you pay an hourly rate for their undivided attention (for that hour alone). This is a great model if you have buckets of cash but it is ineffective for most people because it provides zero support and accountability outside of that paid time and personal trainers are often tired and burnt out.

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Personal Trainer Glen coaching a client through their workout

The OPEX model

We are the future of personal training. We offer a more cost effective and comprehensive model of training that provides you with accountability and support 7 days a week, on the gym floor and at home when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.

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What is the process when i join?

We have a simple 4 step process to get you up and running

Client deadlifting in the gym whilst being coached by a personal trainer

Get to know you

We do this through a comprehensive assessment 1-2-1 with your Coach starting out with an hour long consultation, then moving onto our 3 part assessment:

Body. Looking at your health markers and body composition on our Inbody device.

Move. We conduct movement tests to look at your functional range and mobility, along with core strength.

Work. We test your aerobic capacity to test your cardiovascular fitness.

Client using cable machine in gym in Crawley

Design a program for you

 Based on the information from the assessment, we design a program that includes the big 3 to help you achieve your goals:

Exercise. A fitness program that you enjoy doing and that is designed for you.

Nutrition. We give you nutritional habits and guidance to work on, taking small steps to improve your nutrition long term.

Lifestyle. Sleep, stress, hydration, digestion, daily energy…. All things that matter massively and we work with you on to really optimize your day to day life.

client using cable machine for shoulders in the gym in Crawley

Execute the program

You get to complete your exercise program at our bespoke gym here in Crawley. You will be only one of a handful of people in the gym and there will always be a Coach on hand to help you and guide you along the way giving you the confidence you need.

On top of that your program will include bespoke nutritional and habit based lifestyle guidance delivered to you by our very own app Coach RX giving you the support of your Coach 24/7.

Amy rolling out her hamstring on a foam roller

Refine and progress

Each month you will meet with your coach and discuss progress and set actions for the next month moving onwards and upwards towards and beyond your goals over time.

We also understand that there may be bumps in the road along the way and that really is key here, life happens and we are here to support you through it.

The Opex Model

We believe that our model is the evolution of personal training. The main benefits of our model are that it is:

More comprehensive

Your journey with us from start to finish will be way more comprehensive than anything you have ever experienced. Initially this all starts out with the assessment / onboarding process that includes individual sessions with your Coach covering:

Consultation. A 60-90 minute conversation to find out about you, your priorities, your history, what you enjoy (and don’t) and what you really need from us. Also within this session we discuss your day to day life and nutrition and establish a starting for these big rocks!

Body, Move & Work. Next up a complete assessment on your body composition (using our Inbody testing testing device) along with other health markers. Then we look at how you move and perform with a movement screen and some aerobic testing. All of this helps us to build a picture of where you are now so we can design the best program to get you going in the right direction!

Then ongoing the general coaching on the gym floor is unlike anything you will have experienced before, we want to empower you to feel confident when you walk in the gym, not overwhelmed. Our goal with our service is to leave no stone unturned in relation to your fitness and to give you the absolute best in terms of individual coaching.

Completely bespoke

Your program is your program. It isn’t a template, no one else in the gym will be doing it, it is designed completely for you. OPEX Fitness is known world-wide for coaching education and in particular are regarded as leaders in terms of program design and you will get to experience this as one of our members.

Again your program is more than just a workout, we will include structured habit based plans to help you improve your nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you achieve your goals. We know the other 23 hours of the day are as important as that hour you spend in the gym.

Better value for money

Generally you will find other personal trainers or sites offer packages based on an hourly rate or class commitment a month. The service we provide is completely inclusive and we offer only two membership options, either training on-site or off-site. Quite simply we believe that you need the support of a coach when you are in the gym, and when you are out of it and that is what you will get at OPEX Gatwick.

So how does that equate to better value for money? A traditional personal trainer can cost from £40-£60 per hour, if you see them twice per week you can see that number stacking up! Our monthly onsite membership cost is going to be less  than half of that cost! With us, you pay one monthly fee and you get a relationship with a Coach who will be there for you way more than just one hour per week!

At OPEX Gatwick we believe in the concept of a Coached Gym, you will book in to use the gym at a certain time and there will be a Coach on the floor to help you and the few other people we allow in the gym at any one time. You get the support of a Coach when you need it on the floor, but not the hand holding of traditional personal training.

Placing an emphasis on a genuine relationship & education

At the core of a service is the relationship you will build with your Coach, this all starts out at that initial hour long consultation where we get to know each other and go from there. No one else does this, takes the time to find out about you, your priorities and what we can do for you.

Also we believe in education rather than instruction. We don’t just want to tell you what to do, but why you should do it. We believe that connecting the what with the why will yield not only a much greater chance of success but will educate and empower you long term.

Working with highly educated coaches

The fitness industry is an unregulated minefield. You can open a gym after completing a two day seminar, you can become a Personal Training after completing a 6 week online course. At OPEX Gatwick, we are the home of the professional fitness coach. OPEX Fitness has a mission to drive up the value of the Coach in society and for them to become recognised as professionals alongside Doctors, Dentists etc.

We are home to these Coaches. The education path for an OPEX Coach spans years not months. Our Coaches do this full time and come with a wealth of experience, compassion and understanding to help you feel the way you want to feel.

Combining the best elements of a group environment with the individualisation you need

We weren’t always an OPEX Gym, we used to run a group training format but after years of doing this we recognised that everyone needed something a bit different and trying to ‘scale’ or adapt a workout was just short changing our members. But we recognised that being a part of a community or tribe definitely helped people achieve their goals and enjoy the process a lot more! At OPEX Gatwick we combine the best elements of the small group environment with that individualised touch you need.

What does that look like? It means that when you are on the gym floor you will be completing your workout, designed for you, but you will be doing that in the same environment as a few other people (we cap the number of members in the gym and in total to keep the quality high) who you will get to know and who will become your workout buddies over time! But off the gym floor you will be a part of our wider community and we undertake a lot to help you feel a part of that. We regularly arrange social functions, coffee mornings, educational seminars and group education and challenges to help you become part of the tribe!

Access to the biggest and best privately owned gym in Crawley

We know that getting you the results you want, to feel how you want to feel isn’t really about having the newest bit of tech but as a member of OPEX Gatwick you get to enjoy being part of the biggest privately owned gym in Crawley. With two floors of space this allows us to give you the best service possible but more importantly to give you more space than any other gym to do your program in. You won’t ever be a sardine in a tin with us, you won’t be sharing kit, we limit the amount of people we have in the gym at any one time and you will really experience that boutique experience vibe every time you are in the gym.

Our facilities include a floor dedicated entirely to resistance training, and another one entirely to aerobic or conditioning training. On top of that we have onsite shower facilities, ample parking, a lounge / coffee area with free wifi and free bean to cup coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help, so if you are still unsure, please message us.

What is OPEX personal training?

OPEX personal training is the future or evolution of personal training. We work with our clients 1-2-1 to develop a comprehensive plan that includes exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Core of the service is the relationship between client and coach. We really do care about you. On top of that we have a bespoke facility where you will complete your exercise program and will always have the guidance and support of a coach on the gym floor.

Why is an OPEX Personal Training better?

We are better for 3 reasons:
1) We are more cost effective. Because you aren’t paying an hourly rate this means that our monthly membership would cost around half what a traditional personal trainer would.
2) We are more comprehensive. We deliver way more than a workout plan. We work with you 1-2-1 on nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Nothing is cookie cutter with us, it is all bespoke.
3) We are professionals. We don’t like to brag but our Coaches are professionals. Quite simply we consider ourselves to be educated to a level over and above 99% of others in our industry. It is our passion to become the best coaches possible to help our clients.

Why are we the best for personal training in Crawley?

Because we offer a truly individualized service. You won’t ever be doing someones else’s program, you won’t ever be a part of a group. We do train in the gym together, but we all have our own plan. On top of that we are all qualified nutrition coaches with Precision Nutrition, the world's biggest educator for nutrition coaching.

How much should I pay for personal training?

As with many things what you can and will pay often dictates the quality of service you receive. You may find younger, more inexperienced trainers charging £30 an hour… Going up to high end trainers charging £100 an hour. As we mention though we believe this outdated model of personal training is broken.

Is paying for personal training worth it?

If you need the specific attention of a trainer on the gym floor, some added accountability and support yes it is absolutely worth it. But again it all depends on the quality of trainer as to the results you will (or won’t) get.

How often should you get personal training?

This depends largely on your budget and needs. We believe that people should be moving in some way every day, does that mean a structured gym session, maybe not. Loosely we would say that most people would benefit from 3 hour long sessions of structure exercise per week.

Why is personal training so expensive?

Because you are paying for the trainers sole attention for that hour you are with them. From their point of view this is why scaling personal training is so hard because they can only earn more by charging more, hence why many personal trainers leave to find other jobs or already have other jobs.

Will personal training help me lose weight?

A personal trainer could help with this IF they support you with nutritional and diet advice too. In our experience weight (or fat loss) is 90% about diet, 10% about exercise. Traditional personal training is normally about the other way around… 90% of attention on exercise, 10% on nutrition.

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