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This page contains a wealth of information that is going to help you on your journey in fitness, make sure you bookmark this page as your Coach will often refer to items and articles contained within it.

Monthly Consultations

Please make sure you book your consultation every month so we can catch up on progress, goals and, training and everything else! Please click on the page below to book in for you Monthly Consultation with your Coach.



Gym Etiquette

From booking in to sessions to what we expect in the gym it helps to lay this out so we can all have the best experience possible

  • Always book into coached and open gym sessions on GoTeamup. We understand sometimes you may need to cancel but please try to give as much notice as possible so that someone else can take your spot if the session is full.

  • Leave your kit outside the gym in the hallway in the storage area, take everything you will need into the gym.

  • If you use one of the mini-whiteboards please wipe it down when you are done.

  • Look after the equipment it costs way more than you would expect!

  • If you make a mess, clean it up, no one wants to work out in your sweat puddle!

  • Don’t monopolise the whole of the gym floor we are only small.

  • Please put all equipment away when you are finished back where you got it from.

  • Leave the headphones off if you are in a coached session, if you are alone in open gym then by all means get the tunes on!

  • Don’t coach others in the gym, if you see something that is un-safe then by all means jump in or make the coach aware straight away.

  • If you get injured when at the gym report it to the coach straight away or complete an accident report form in their absence.

Service Guide

Click on the banner below for full details of the Individual Coaching Service Guide:


Your coach may ask you to track what you eat and drink from time to time, for details on how to do that click HERE

Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

What we do outside of the gym has a massive impact on our success in the gym. The Basic Lifestyle Guidelines exist to help us achieve that but also to live the most fulfilled life possible. Print these off and place them on your fridge or a wall at home!

BLGS - 24x36.png

Along with the above we have our own Level 1 Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, click on the banner below for a copy of them:



To get you started out with our way of doing things with regards to nutrition click on the below link and start the nutrition kick-start:

Some simple pictures to help you practice good nutrition when preparing meals:


Your coach might also suggest you start the day with a Super Shake, for information on those click on the banner below: