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Function Fitness Crawley is now OPEX Gatwick

We understand that you may have landed on this page after looking for your local functional fitness gym! OPEX Gatwick is the original Crawley functional fitness gym, we opened our doors back in 2013 and were affiliated within this model for a number of years.

Every journey has to start somewhere and this type of fitness has given inspiration for a new generation of fitness. We have been on that journey, learnt a lot, laughed a lot and on the way created long lasting relationships with our members. However, it was time for us to move on and start our next stage of our journey with OPEX.

We are no longer a group training functional fitness gym, however we still have the same community atmosphere and spirit. At OPEX Gatwick, you don’t just get fit, you get the best hour of you day surrounded by like-minded individuals you will soon consider as your friends. Here, we live and breathe fitness. We walk the walk, talk the talk and love every minute of it. One class and you’ll see - there’s no other gym in Crawley that’s so passionate about what they do.

Our coaches are constantly improving to be the very best at their craft. They’re always heading out to new seminars, reading the latest research, and earning additional certifications to stay at the very top of their game. No matter what your goals - to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel phenomenally better in your everyday life - our coaches have all the insight, training and experience to get you there.

If you’re looking to undertake functional fitness training but with a bespoke and individualised approach (like every competitor within the sport) then get in touch with us today to find out more about what we do.

wHY WE AREN'T a Group Functional Fitness gym in cRAWLEY ANYMORE

It makes sense for us to explain where we come from, what we loved about the functional fitness methodology, and what ultimately we came to the conclusion didn’t work over time for us. This isn’t us being negative about what functional fitness within a group setting is or what other gyms do, just what we found and what we believed was a better way forward for our members. We coached functional fitness in a group setting for 1000’s of hours having a positive impact on people's lives. From this we figured out a few things:

The Good

Training together is awesome!

One of the massive positives of the functional fitness environment is that you get to train in a small group alongside other like minded people. If you don’t like the normal closed off nature of a normal gym environment then this is definitely for you.

Play is important

The idea of play within our adult lives is quite alien to us but functional fitness brought this out in a novel way. Attempting new movements, the variation in work and the camaraderie that the workout of the day would bring was a massive positive.

Mixing modalities keeps things fun

Functional fitness encourages a mix of gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural elements into their workouts. Whilst we now have a better understanding of how to implement this in a scientific way, the idea of combining different tasks and making them aerobic in nature gave people a chance to enjoy fitness in a way they had never experienced before.

The Bad

Everyone is different

Whether we are talking an individuals goals, training age, current fitness or genetic makeup everyone that came into the gym was different and as such trying to scale or adapt a group workout for each person over time felt like a less than ideal solution to help them get where they wanted to be.

It was extremely difficult to have long term progress

What we found historically from coaching 100’s of people is that they would come in and start out and for 18-24 months would absolutely smash it. Every time they lifted the bar they would get a PR, every time they re-attempted a benchmark workout they would beat their old time. However after that time progress would often falter and stall, we now know why but it became frustrating for us within the model that we couldn’t help these people.

The competitive element wasn't always a good thing

This is perhaps the most controversial point of all but what we found is that as much as people would push themselves to try a bit harder when working out alongside other people this equally lead to people pushing themselves too far and exposing themselves to injury. It was hard to counter against this for us as Personal Trainers and whilst there are certainly positives to this in the right environment, we believed on a day to day basis that it was something we wanted to move away from.

Why we became OPEX Gatwick

From our years of Coaching functional fitness we then decided to align with OPEX, as they best represent our ideals and what we believe is the future of ‘functional’ fitness for people over a lifetime. This is why:

OPEX was founded by the winner of the first functional fitness games

Whilst relatively unknown as a brand within the UK, OPEX is well known amongst the functional fitness Community as it was founded by the winner of the first games in 2007, James Fitzgerald. At the core of OPEX is the application of the best qualities of functional fitness or as we call it Mixed Modal Training, just applied in a purely individualised and scientific way.

We are a tribe

We still train together, we still cheer each other on, we still have the same community environment but we have removed the daily competition element from that as we believe that for most people over a lifetime this will serve them better.

We respect the individual and their journey over a life time

As we alluded to above we recognised that everyone has very different abilities and aspirations in fitness, as such each member of our gym has their own coach, their own program, their own nutrition and lifestyle guidance and their own goals.

For progress over a life time, you need specificity

When you go from doing nothing to something, you will get better, that doesn’t matter what it is, it could be running, Zumba, functional fitness, anything. But after time your progress will slow and in many cases stop. If you want to continue to improve over a lifetime in fitness you need to incorporate a long term plan to continue to get stronger, faster and to actually develop skills. This applies even more so if you want to compete (rather than participate) in any given sport

Nutrition, sleep, stress and energy levels need to be optimised

I’m sure you heard the saying ‘you can’t out train a bad diet'.’ This is just the tip of the iceberg. To ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym we need to help you optimise all of the things that can affect this. As a member of OPEX Gatwick you will get bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice from your Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals.

An OPEX personal trainer is a professional

The steps to become an OPEX Coach are many, and the tests to ensure they are at the desired level are frequent. The culmination of the initial program being a large case study prepared by the Coach, assessed and marked by the founder of OPEX himself. This we believe qualifies us to say that we are experts within the fitness industry. Our passion is helping you achieve your goals.

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