Our gym in crawley

A bespoke personal training facility

Our gym is a uniquely designed facility designed to cater to the needs of our clients. We definitely aren’t a big globo gym, nor are we a spit and sawdust gym either! We have designed the gym with our clients needs in mind, with on site showers and a communal lounge / chillout area with free bean to cup coffee on demand! 

The space

Our gym is around 3500 square foot! The gym is split over two floors with the ground floor being the main strength area, with barbells, racks and benches. This is where you will be getting strong! The first floor is our conditioning / cardio space with showers and lounge up here too. This is where you will be getting a sweat on!

Strength & conditioning Equipment

The strength equipment at our gym includes 6 x squat / bench stations and pull-up rig. We have a number of different barbells, including numerous males and female Olympic barbells, a safety bar for squats, and a Trap Bar for deadlifts! Along with these bars we also have farmers walk handles and the all important EZ bar for curls! We have numerous flat and adjustable benches and dumbbells starting at 2kg going up to 34kg! We also have a complete set of Kettlebells upstairs too! Along with this we have two separate pulley systems, one for pulldowns and rows and a beautiful Cybex functional trainer!

Cardio equipment

The first floor is home to all of our cardio equipment and conditioning space. Up here we have 4 x airbikes (assault and Bulldog Gear), 1 x bike erg, 2 x ski erg, 3 x Concept 2 Rowers and an Assault Fitness Air Runner. We also have numerous other conditioning tools including plyometric boxes, skipping ropes, sleds, sliders, ab wheels, medicine balls and an exercise ball!

Additional facilities

We have on site a lovely outdoor area where we sometimes train in the Summer months, but inside we have a lovely lounge / coffee space where our members can come and work if they need to get out of the house! In here there is free bean to cup coffee on hand along with Green Tea for you to enjoy! We also have a shower onsite and 4 large bathrooms for our members to use!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help, so if you are still unsure, please message us.

Do you have a shower?

Yes we have a shower on site and 4 bathrooms!

Is there parking?

We have 10 car parking spaces and bike parking on site.

What strength equipment do you have?

We have a vast amount of strength equipment that we will help you get to grips with in the gym… This includes squat racks, numerous kinds of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pulley systems, sandbags and sleds! We have a whole floor dedicated to strength equipment!

What cardio equipment do you have?

We have our own cardio floor at the gym and have the latest specialist conditioning equipment including airbikes, rowers, a self powered treadmill, bike erg and ski ergs!

Do you run classes?

We run Coached Gym sessions where you will complete your own training with the supervision of a Coach on the floor at that time. We don’t run classes where everyone does the same thing… Everything is individualised.

Do you have storage lockers?

We have cubbies for storing bags, our gym is very secure with only a handful of people in the gym at any one time.

Where are the nearest public transport links?

There are local bus stops within a 5 minute walk of the gym!

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