The OPEX Experience - Consultation


This is where your journey will begin at OPEX Gatwick, with a detailed consultation with your own dedicated, highly educated Coach.


Starting out, we really want to get to know you. This isn’t a five minute chat to see why you want to ‘get in shape’ but a true conversation to help us uncover your true priorities and goals.

It is easy for us to say we want to be fit and healthy but getting into the emotional motivation and purpose behind these desires will enable us to create true goals for you that align with this. What this will mean in turn is that the goals we set we know are connected to that purpose, so you will be way more likely to achieve them over time.

For us as Coaches we are doing this because we want to help people on this journey into long term fulfilment in fitness. We want to help you drown out the noise of what the media populates as being what we should attain and to help you figure out what fitness truly means to you. This really is different for each and every one of us.


Within the consultation we will look at:

Where you come from. What is your experience in sport, fitness and life that has lead to this point? Figuring this out will enable us to build an accurate picture of your starting point with us.

Where you are now. What is your day to day life like? Within this consultation we will also go into what your day and life looks like now. Building a true picture of where you sit now in relation to everything helps us to understand what we can do to help you achieve your goals in balance with all the other factors at play in your busy life.

Where you want to go. Why are you joining us? As mentioned this is where we get into your ‘why.’ It sounds like a cliche but having this true understanding between you and your coach will mean that you are truly aligned and continually working together to achieve this.


Everything we do at OPEX Gatwick is personalised for you. The consultation represents the start of that individualised and collaborative journey forging a true relationship with your Coach who will guide you on your way to explore your true potential.

This is what makes us different and unique, we are invested in building a genuine life long relationship with you as a person, we aren’t about the quick fix, a fad diet diet or 28 day abs. We want want to help you build a road-map for your own fitness over years to help you live the most fulfilled life possible.

If you want to get started on your journey with us today click on the link below to sign up for our four week no obligation trial offer.

Glen Oliver