3 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy

At OPEX Gatwick we work with people individually to help them live a more fulfilled life, we do this by optimising their exercise, nutrition and lifestyle practices. Much of what we do is highly individualised BUT from coaching numerous people who work in high pressure, office environments there are some trends regarding ways you can gain control, optimise how you feel and just make sure you don’t burn out. Here are our three simple tips:

  1. Get sufficient sleep and try to maintain a great natural body clock. We always start with this as if we can get people sleeping more and being consistent in their patterns their energy levels (and productivity) will generally sky rocket! Sufficient sleep in our eyes is more than 7 and a half hours every night (you can’t catch up!). Try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day to help build that natural rhythm. 

  2. Take regular breaks and always take a lunch break. This might not be popular with some and we usually get the ‘that’s easy for you to say’ response but quite simply if you want to remain productive all day and not burn out you need to take regular breaks away from your desk and take a proper lunch break EVERY day. We all need to accept now that more and more is placed on us each day - you will never get to the bottom of the to do list - and as such you need to stop sacrificing your health to try and make it work.

  3. Define the line between work and home life. Again a symptom of how we live now, many of us have work phones and computers and end up taking work home with us, doing the bits we couldn’t get done at the office late into the evening and responding to emails at 11pm. Respect your home life, respect your downtime, you need this to recover but more importantly the time you lose now with you friends, family and loved ones you will NEVER get back.

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