Basic Lifestyle Guidance - Life


Ok, so this one could get a bit preachy or life coachey but my intention is not to do that as to state the obvious such as this could come across as patronising which is not what we want. However I will say that being mindful of the above has helped me as an individual tremendously especially with regards to coping with stress and gaining perspective on some of things in our lives that sometimes get to us, but perhaps shouldn’t.

For me this Basic Lifestyle Guideline represents two things but these I believe are personal to me and how I interpret it so you can choose to take what you think from this message. I would say that for me this isn’t telling me to be reckless in the moment because we don’t know how long we have, although you could read that from it, it means to me more that we should value our existence and learn to be present in the hear and now.

Value your existence – The life we have, the fact that we exist at all at this very moment, in this time of abundance and advancement is an amazing thing and we should be aware of that every day. What this means to me is to try and live the fullest life possible fulfilling my highest purpose which is completely individual to me. Too many of us go along in life without taking the time to search or even ask the question about what would fulfil us most but instead go along with the popular choices as this is often the easy decision and the one that in many ways we are expected to make.

Try the things you want to try in life (within reason), take the chances and risks and let go of the idea that failure is really that big of a deal, it isn’t. Failure is often part of the bigger process of enabling us to become ultimately fulfilled and most of the time the idea or fear of it is worse than the reality (see point 2).

This idea of fulfilling and working towards your highest purpose relates to everything in your life, including what you do within the gym. Getting deep into this in relation to fitness needs to ask what we as individuals define as our own view of fitness? What would that look like and feel like for us as individuals? The common perception of fitness within the media can skew what we believe this is but honestly this is an EXTREMELY personal idea. This can be particular relevant when we get into goal setting, next time you think of what you want in or out of the gym ask a few more questions of yourself about why you want those things because if you do you will ultimately have a truer understanding of your purpose and be much more likely to work towards those goals with conviction.

Lastly on this point value yourself and what your body is capable of. Don’t view exercise as a punishment (when it is in fact a result of our lifestyles) but use it as a chance to express yourself, grow and enjoy the fact that we can walk, climb, run, jump and lift heavy stuff up.

Learn to be present – This part of it could get a bit deep but we will keep it simple. Enjoy being in the moment, now, whatever you are doing because that is really all that truly exists. We exist in a world caught up on image, social media, worrying about the future and dwelling on things that have very little impact on our day to day lives.

We often attribute our moods or behaviour to external factors but it is entirely up to us how we choose to respond to anything in the moment, as shit as it may seem, you are in control of how you respond and feel.

I also like to draw this back to the gym (or any other activity really) but learning to be present in that moment will yield a greater return for your time and energy investment if you give everything you have to it in that very moment.

We could get deeper into this discussing the idea of time being a human construct along with money, social status, and a load of other things that would take more than a short blog post to get into on this point, but I believe learning to be present in the now is a great place to start!

So that is what this means to me but like I say, what you take this to mean may be entirely different. I think what we can all agree is that we should enjoy our lives, every single day, to love those who love us and to do things every day which make us truly happy.

Glen Oliver