The OPEX Experience - Program Design

After completing the Consultation, InBody Body Composition testing and movement assessment we have all information we need to design the perfect fitness program for you.

The design of the program will take your Coach a considerable amount of time to complete, these programs are not templates or one size fits all programs that you will get at any other gym. We use the latest developments in the understanding of concurrent training methods to build you the program that will help you to grow for years to come.


Each design is made specifically for you, not a template.

Each design is made specifically for you, not a template.

Concurrent training is the ability to develop muscle, strength and your work capacity all at the same time. Traditionally people either focus on ‘strength’ or ‘cardio’ with the belief that you can’t develop both at the same time. This isn’t the case but requires a lot of planning and understanding on the Coaches part.


  1. YOUR GOALS: Your consultation will have revealed what you want to get out of your fitness and a big consideration for the program will be planning to help you achieve those goals. Whether it is to look and feel awesome in yourself or compete within a sporting event we can make that happen. We have clients who compete at a high level within CrossFit, Obstacle Course Races, endurance events, rowing and Weightlifting so we really can prepare you for anything. Don’t worry if you don’t want to compete in a sport if your goal is to improve your overall health and function then you will be on the same page as more than 70% of our members.

  2. YOUR CURRENT FITNESS. We meet you where your current fitness level dictates. What this means is that we won’t throw anything at you we know you can’t achieve. The point within any fitness program is to provide you with challenge (as that is how we adapt and grow) but this will always be done at a level that provides you with just the right stimulus to enable that. Other gyms you may go into a class environment and be asked to complete movements (even if scaled) that are beyond your current abilities, we know first hand how much that sucks so that won’t ever happen with us, everything is designed for you and what you can complete NOW.

  3. YOUR LIFE. Lastly, but most importantly we design the program around your life. We all have busy schedules so your Coach will work with you to ensure that the program is placed on days within the week that you can definitely get to the gym so there will be no frustration that you can’t get the work done. If you work shifts we tailor everything around this understanding the days when your energy levels will be at their best (and worst). Also if you travel a lot whether with work or for pleasure let your Coach know this and where you will be staying and they will scope out the gym and program your workouts based on what you will have access too. Never a missed opportunity.


The truth is, when you start out in fitness you can do anything and for a period of time see gains. This is why the fitness industry is populated by quick fix programs and fads, if you are going from a place of not exercising to doing something, you can do any of these things and see progress, FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME.

The problem is that none of these programs allow for the fact that as we grow in fitness our body adapts and it requires new challenges to continue to grow. As you move from a beginner into a more experienced fitness enthusiast you require variation and planning to help you progress over time.

Quite likely if you are reading this you may have experienced this. You start out in fitness, get amazing results for 18 months then all of a sudden you stop getting better. You combat this by trying to do ‘more’ but end up getting burnt out, injured or just fed up.

We understand this at OPEX Gatwick and our goal is to help you get better in fitness over a lifetime. We aren’t about the fast track, quick fix or throw you into a wall so you feel great kind of fitness. Your coach will develop a long term plan spanning months and years with you so that you know you are continuing to move the needle in the right direction, with us you won’t ever have to worry about your fitness again.


An example of a members design for a ‘block’ of training.

An example of a members design for a ‘block’ of training.

We are more than Personal Trainers at OPEX Gatwick, we are professional Coaches. To develop the skills as a Coach starting out with us you will need to come to us with years of experience before even starting to learn the OPEX method. When our Coaches do start their studies to become an OPEX Coach this is an intensive process that covers all the factors of what we need to be great Coaches, Consultation, Assessment, Program Design and Nourishment.

The time to complete the OPEX Level 1 Coaching Program is on average 12 months as a minimum with hours of study required each week. Each Coach is required to complete an exam at the end of each module and at the conclusion of this they are required to complete a detailed case study demonstrating their knowledge and the practical implementation of the process as they put 7 people through the OPEX system. This Case Study is marked by the founder of OPEX, James Fitzgerald himself.

And this is only the starting point, once complete we encourage our coaches to continue to develop their knowledge further to help them become the best Coaches possible. Quite simply our level of knowledge and practical experience is unparalleled within the Fitness Industry in Sussex.

Next week we go into the on the floor experience at OPEX Gatwick so you can understand how this program would be executed in our boutique facility here in Crawley.


Glen Oliver