The OPEX Experience - Monthly Consultations


This is the last piece of the puzzle for the OPEX Experience, and the piece that ties everything else together.

In previous weeks we have discussed the consultation and assessment process, program design, on the floor coaching, along with basic lifestyle guidelines and nutrition, pretty comprehensive. The ongoing consultations you will have with your own coach are what ensures you stay on track and keep achieving your goals long term.

We can do these consultations face to face or over a video call if you lead a busy life, it’s up to you but these consultations serve a few purposes:


We generally start the consultation with a review of how your training has been going, if it has gone well, if there are things to refine, if there are technical points to review and discuss moving forward and if the training volume was achievable for you.


Then we move onto the guidance your coach will have given you to optimise how you perform outside of the gym, including lifestyle habits and any nutritional guidance. Have these worked or haven’t they? If they have what can we move onto next, if not how can we help you achieve this goal?


Has the training, lifestyle and nutrition plan lead you to step closer towards achieving your goals? If this has lead to some of your goals already being achieved we will discuss further goals and figure out a plan to get these smashed too!


The overall process of the monthly consultation is there to give you the accountability you need with your Coach to ensure you get your program done. Most of us know that we should exercise and eat healthily but having someone there to report back too gives you that extra push to make sure you complete all your workouts and hit your nutrition targets.


By far the biggest reason behind the consultation is for your Coach to give you ongoing guidance, whether that relates to what you are doing in the gym or lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Our approach to Coaching is to educate rather than dictate to you what to do. We want to teach you to fish and understand the meaning behind why we do what we do and how our prescriptions will directly relate to you achieving your long term goals. In our day and age information is already out there, easily accessible and our role is to take all the information relating to training, lifestyle and nutrition and apply that to you and your goals as it really is a mine field! It is easy to get stuck in the next fad of training, the next kind of diet when the truth is simple, consistency in movement and simple healthy lifestyle and nutrition practices are what will yield you the greatest results over time.

Over the past weeks we have tried to convey what you get when you become part of OPEX Gatwick, and why we believe we are the future of small group and personal training in Crawley and West Sussex. Ultimately though the best way to find out what this feels like for you is to come and try it for yourself. Click on the link below to find out about our no commitment 4 week trial offer!

Glen Oliver