The OPEX Experience - On The Floor Coaching

So, you have your program, nutrition and lifestyle guidelines, have gone through a thorough assessment with your Coach and now are good to go…. What we want to cover now is the experience you get on the gym floor at OPEX Gatwick.



Our bespoke facility is not like a normal gym environment. It is an open space with the equipment we use dotted around the edge for you to use within your workout. Space is a premium for us so everything has its place and everything has it’s purpose. We are a compact space but this means you are constantly under the watchful eye of one of our expert floor coaches. You will notice we don’t have any treadmills (we run outside), nor do we have a load of weights machines, we simply don’t need them. Your coach will guide you through and get you confident with exercises that require more skill but will get you your results so much faster than sitting on a leg extension machine.


The on the floor experience involves a number of elements:


You will be 1 of only 8 people in the gym at any one time. This is to ensure that you get the optimal amount of coaching from the floor coach in the gym. You will also get to know the other people in the gym as often times you will work together and have a conversation between sets. It’s a genuine community environment, no headphones allowed.


The floor coach in the gym is their to orchestrate the gym floor so everyone has space and the equipment required to complete their workout but more so to make sure you complete your workout with technical proficiency. The Coach isn’t there to count your reps but to genuinely give you the guidance you need when you need it. If you are safe and competent completing a movement a Coach will still observe but if you are in the midst of working on a technical gymnastics or weightlifting skill you will get a lot more attention!


We know how life is and as such the gym is open from 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday (and the mornings at the weekends too). We have a number of coached sessions in the morning and evening, and are open in the day time if you are free then too. We don’t dictate to you when you train, you book in on our scheduling system and come train when convenient for you.


We mentioned it before but our gym is a genuine small community of people training together and supporting each other as they work towards their goals. We all know each other, we all go out on social do’s and we have many genuine friendships that come about from being at the gym. It really is like no other gym you will have been too, no ego’s, no headphones, no judgement, just a f****** cool environment.

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Glen Oliver