The OPEX Experience - Movement Assessment


Once we have completed the first part of your assessment including the consultation and Inbody we move into a full movement assessment which assesses your fitness where you sit now.

This assessment process is split into two parts ‘MOVE’ and ‘WORK’ and once complete your Coach will be in a position to design the perfect program for you based on your goals, lifestyle ad where you currently sit in terms of your fitness.


This part of the assessment has 4 levels unto itself, it may well be you stop at Level 1 but completing the assessment in this way helps us identify the main things for us to work on in your initial program:

  1. Stability Strength: This is our base level all designed to test your basic stability and function, think Planks, AIr Squats and Step Ups. We start here because this is what we need to address as the base support of everything else that follows. If we develop your stability strength we can truly help you explore your maximum physical potential. Many programs will neglect the basics and lead you to plateau and get injured by not refining this first.

  2. Relative Strength: This is slightly more intensive than Level 1 as we start to test your strength in relation to your own body-weight, think push-ups and split squats. Refining your abilities here again will enable you to go further and build a great base for more advanced resistance (strength) training.

  3. Absolute Strength: Here we get into moving loads that are relative to your bodyweight to build an awareness of how you move in relation to controlling external loads and completing more advanced movements, think pull-ups, back squats and deadlifts.

  4. Balance Strength: As we progress into the last element of our MOVE assessment we look at how your strength balances up across a number of different lifts and movements, think back squat in relation to front squat. We compare these numbers to help you create balance in your strength.


Knowing where you sit in this enables us to create a starting point for your program and our main goal is to provide you with balance. Balance in movement is key for:

  • Efficiency

  • Your function (or purpose)

  • To build a base of support for performance

  • Becoming well rounded


This part of the assessment enables us to build an accurate picture of your work capacity across different times and energy systems.

What we do within this assessment is based largely upon your goals or ‘function.’ If your sport requires that you express high power over short time periods we would look at testing your Anaerobic Capacity through different tests. Likewise, if you wanted to complete a marathon or endurance event we would look to test your Aerobic Capacity through a variety of tests. In simple terms you can think of anaerobic efforts being short intense efforts (think sprints) and aerobic efforts being longer sustained efforts (think 10k run).


We do this because of having a good level of aerobic function no matter your goal is highly beneficial to your long term health. If you have sports goals then understand what goes into the requirements of that sport in terms of energy output gives us a starting point to help you excel at it.

in summary

We know, this sounds quite technical but for us as experts within the fitness industry to be able to give you the best design possible for you over a lifetime we need to be able to assess you in a considered and scientific manner. We believe in a motto at OPEX Gatwick of #assessdontguess which is what this is all about. Getting truth as to where you sit now so that we can truly help you move forward in fitness over a lifetime and explore your potential.

So taking into account the information from your assessment, your body composition and health markers and all the information we get from the movement assessment we are able to build an accurate and detailed plan of how we can help you achieve your goals. Nothing is left to guesswork, we don’t just throw things at you to give you a sweat, and we don’t follow templated programs, which leads us nicely into our next blog post of program design.

If you would like to find out what all of this feels like and how we can help you achieve your goals then click on the link and find out about our 4 week trial offer.

Glen Oliver