The OPEX Experience - InBody


After completing the consultation process we then start to get into the first part of our 3 part Assessment process.

Within OPEX this is referred to as the ‘Body’ part of the assessment and this involves us getting a clear and accurate picture of where you sit in relation to your weight, skeletal and muscle mass and body fat percentage amongst other metrics.


This is important as these numbers give us a great insight into your health, any imbalances you may have in terms of muscle development and what your overall body composition is. Often times the idea of this can be daunting but we always say this is just one factor which we use to help determine where you are at currently and we need to place the appropriate amount of perspective on this, it is not the be all and end all.

The test does however give us truth and perspective and enables us to start out with hard data to move forward into the assessment which then dictates the overall design of your program.


At OPEX Gatwick we have invested in cutting edge industry leading technology to help us obtain this information using an Inbody Body Composition Analyser.

The Inbody in simple terms uses a method called Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis to measure body water and therefore gives us a number of accurate readings in relation to our body composition at any one time. This technology is explained in further detail here. The Inbody is far more accurate than anything else you will find in High Street Stores or in many other gyms that offer this kind of analysis.


The inclusion of the Inbody Scan as mentioned gives us truth and insight into where you sit in relation to body composition and can also give us a direction as to what we will focus on as we develop a fully individualised training and nutrition plan for you.

The Inbody gives us a wealth of data, an example readout can be seen below but we focus on these main points:

  1. Total Body Weight / Skeletal & Muscle Mass / Fat Mass: These three numbers combined give us a great indication of overall health. We often get focused on our total body weight being all that is important but looking at this without considering how much of your body is made up of muscle versus fat gives no indication into the quality and composition of that weight.

  2. Percentage Bod Fat: Rather than looking at a historical measure such as BMI to measure obesity we look at your specific percentage of body fat to help determine this.

  3. Basal Metabolic Rate: This number tells us how many calories you need to consume to maintain basic function. This number will often be used as part of your nutrition protocol at some point down the road to help tailor your specific calorific requirements.

This is just the first part of our comprehensive assessment process, up next week movement assessment.

If you are interested in starting on your journey to a greater more fulfilled understanding of your health and fitness click on the link below to find our about our 4 week trial offer:

Glen Oliver