The Future of Personal Training

Individualised training in a private gym

We help busy people achieve and maintain their fitness long-term through individualised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plans, led by supportive and knowledgeable personal trainers, in a non intimidating community environment.

What we do


Work with a professional coach

We work with people one to one to build a roadmap towards how they want to feel in life through an individualised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle prescription.

We believe that this process should be a fun, enjoyable journey of self discovery that at its core is about the relationship every client has with their own highly educated professional Coach.

Our team


Together we shall succeed

As a member of OPEX Gatwick you will be part of a small community of like minded people. You will train together under the supervision of one of our expert coaches at our bespoke privately owned facility located in Crawley.

We believe that the gym environment should feel like a second home, we want you to love being in the gym and our Coaches will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are confident and happy with what you are doing.

Our members

What makes us the future of personal training?

What really sets us apart is our individualised approach to fitness. Your training program is designed for nobody but you.

1. Understand you

Your OPEX Gatwick journey starts with a comprehensive assessment process. Firstly we have a consultation to talk about your goals, nutrition, experience and day to day habits. Secondly you will then be put through our three part physical assessment to look at your overall health and fitness. This allows us to create an unparalleled training experience.

2. Train you

Once your assessment is completed, your coach carefully analyses your results and designs a training program to get you started. All of your training sessions are covered by an experienced, professional floor coach. On top of that you will receive the guidance and support of your coach outside of the gym too, working to build health daily habits around your nutrition and lifestyle.

3. Results for you

Our coaches don’t just talk about results, they deliver them. But at OPEX Gatwick the big difference is we want you to enjoy the journey towards achieving these results, not suffering along the way. Long term we will help define what fitness means to you, and evolve your goals and training as you grow.


Fitness for the long term, not 6 weeks

At OPEX Gatwick we help you realise true fulfilment in fitness over a lifetime. No more quick fixes, no fast tracks, no fads. A genuine relationship with a personal trainer who will help guide you to optimise your performance in and out of the gym.

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